We Just Moved Our House and Everything!

We’ve been living in the same place forever. The scenery honestly gets bland and kind of annoying after awhile. I need change in my life, and seeing the same old thing every day tends to grind on my nerves. Someone, don’t ask me who, because I honestly can’t remember, made a joke one day about up and moving the house like a bunch of singapore house movers. Well, that isn’t a bad idea.

It took some serious work to get my husband to agree to it. He figured it would be far too much work and cost far too much money. He’s probably right, but in the long run I just knew that I would be happier, at least until I got bored with our new scenery. In my defense, it took me nearly fifteen years before I got sick of the last scenery, so we won’t be doing this again for quite some time.

It really required a lot of muscle, and equipment to get our house dug out of the ground. Luckily our house doesn’t have a basement or anything, because that would have made this impossible to do. We had to clear away all the shrubbery and nonsense surrounding our house. We had to get down past the base of the house to get rope around the whole bottom of the house in order to lift it with a crane.

Lucky for us our house is small, since we have no kids, we don’t need much. We moved it back into the woods, away from everyone so that we could have our own little haven. It’s fantastic, I honestly wish I had thought of doing this sooner. Hubby on the other hand, seems to be having issues adjusting due to his allergies. I’m sure that once he gives in and takes his allergy medication he will be doing a lot better.

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