I Got Stuck in an Elevator

It was just a normal day for me. I was going around running errands for my boss and it was as usual pretty tough to get around the city. There are just a whole lot of people really crowded city. As usual this involved going up and down in a lot of elevators and I ended up getting stuck in one, in between the thirtieth and thirty first floors of a building own by one of the big American banks. There were a few people inside, one was a very attractive company secretary for Singapore and there was this rather large gentleman who was sweating as though there was something wrong with him. Then there was a mother with a couple of young children. At once the children started to get aggravated, as you might expect of them. The guy who was sweating turned out to be a real problem though.

I wondered if he was on some sort of drug at first, but then I realized that he was having some sort of really severe anxiety attack. In no time he was bouncing off of the walls. Of course this is the sort of thing you want to get away from, but there was no place to go. The secretary tried to calm him down, but he almost struck her. He was yelling at her not to tell him what to do. Of course I was obligated to step in between them, I made this guy know that he was not going to act like that and when he disagreed with me I punched him in the stomach. That seemed to really take his mind off of what was troubling him and so I sat him down in the corner and told him to breathe in and out for a little while.

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