Getting Started with Our Three-Man Corporation Required Help Hiring Executives

It is a chore to find the best people to fill the top positions in a company. Myself and two friends from college got going with a startup when we convinced one partner’s dad and quite a few Internet investors to front us some money to get going. We had a great idea, but we were not business people to the degree we needed to be. Like many entrepreneurs, we were learning as we went. What I learned was that I know our product, but that I needed the help of executive management recruiters to fill key positions in our company.

I knew the tech behind our product. I could tell you how any of the materials used in our product would perform under any condition. I could tell you how a slight chemical change in a polymer could make it more durable in the heat or less brittle in Arctic conditions. What I did not know was how to manage all that money that was given to us to start our business. Being the technical arm of the business, I wanted it all to go into product development. My other friend has a vision for marketing. The third company principle was the artist who designed the ergonomics and look of our product. I admit that my version was blocky and utilitarian.

We needed a CFO and then a human resources manager. We suddenly had employees that I had no idea how to deal with. To me, everyone was a pal or a partner who looked at the product as sort of a child we were raising. Well, not every employee has the same level of commitment that I have. I wanted to keep some poor performers I liked, and I wanted to fire some people who disagreed with me. Fortunately, we had great HR people who taught me along the way too. I would have never known what to do without the help of our executive management recruiters.

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