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We Finally Moved into a Big Office Building

We finally got our office moved into a new building. We have expanded four times since I started this business with my wife a few years ago. In the beginning, it was just her and I doing everything. Then we had to start hiring employees to grow. We still show up for work every day, and we have a fine staff that really supports our business dream. We just signed a contract with a commercial cleaning services company too. They will be cleaning our offices every night after we close. We used to make time to do it ourselves. I used to be in suit pants and a dress shirt cleaning toilets and mopping floors with the rest of our employees before we went home.

It was necessary. My wife and I put the money into our people first, and they respond by being the best employees any company could ask for. We provide healthcare insurance at no cost, and we provide a living wage for every person on staff. It did not leave a lot left over for conveniences before. Now we are stable in our finances and steadily growing at a reasonable rate. We added the commercial cleaning services to free up time for us all to do our jobs even better. I may not have to mop floors, vacuum, dust, clean windows or scrub toilets at our offices anymore, but I certainly respect the people who do.

We will make sure the cleaning staff gets a holiday bonus from us. We do a top-notch job for our business, and we expect all of the vendors and support businesses we pay to also be the best they can be. This is one of the reasons we were very picky about the commercial cleaning services company that we hired to take care of our offices.

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Building Green Cities in Developing Nations

A couple of weeks ago I ran into a blog owned by a man named Ronald Chagoury who is involved in the development of a supposedly green city that is being built in Nigeria of all places. I think it is really promising that there are actually such projects out there, and I wonder who is funding the project. It got me to thinking though, when I was reading the blog, that it might be possible to figure out some sort of incentive for funding the development of more green cities in developing countries.

After all, countries that are currently developing are going to usually be in need of new cities. Well, if not new cities, then their current cities will be subject to expansion. Of course, you can just as easily accommodate population growth by building new cities, as you can by expanding ones that already exist. However, I think that in principle, it is much easier to design a city that is going to use extensive green technologies, as opposed to retrofitting an existing city to use such technology. I also think that the former scenario would be much more effective at limiting the carbon footprint of a city.

The main way that I believe that it is much easier to accomplish this by building new cities is that it allows you to much more carefully plan how the infrastructure of the city is going to be built. I have a lot of ideas for infrastructure that would be very green, but perhaps it is not viable yet. For example, most roads are black due to a common preference in building material, and black as a color absorbs light across the entire visible spectrum. As such, it might be possible to incorporate advanced solar cells into roads to generate electricity. It's just a thought, but I think it is an interesting one.

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An Outbreak at the Office

Near closing time at an office building where I work, some people on one of the floors became sick. They ran to the bathroom to vomit and no one knew what was going on. Rather than letting the janitor handle the cleanup for the workers made, they called in Charlotte Biohazard Services to take care of it. The boss thought something more sinister might have caused the workers to become sick than a simple bug, and felt that someone who is trained to deal with hazardous material would be better suited to get rid of the vomit. I was scared that some kind of viral outbreak was spreading through the building.

Until the cause of the sickness in the workers could be determined, the boss told everyone not to enter the building. I treated it as a vacation and took some time to do some leisure activities that I had been putting off because I was so busy with work. Days later, a lab report determined that the cause of the sickness was a rare super virus that the workers had contracted. I remember a couple of the workers had gone overseas for a vacation, but no one was sure if that was the cause of contraction.

Luckily the virus isn't deadly, except for in people who have particularly weak immune systems, such as the elderly and young babies. There isn't any real cure for the virus. The infected person simply has to let the virus run its course through the body and make sure they have plenty of fluids to drink. I haven't been sick to the point of vomiting in many years, and I wanted to make sure that my life stayed that way. I disinfected everything that I brought home from work and wiped down the interior of my car.

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Getting Started with Our Three-Man Corporation Required Help Hiring Executives

It is a chore to find the best people to fill the top positions in a company. Myself and two friends from college got going with a startup when we convinced one partner's dad and quite a few Internet investors to front us some money to get going. We had a great idea, but we were not business people to the degree we needed to be. Like many entrepreneurs, we were learning as we went. What I learned was that I know our product, but that I needed the help of executive management recruiters to fill key positions in our company.

I knew the tech behind our product. I could tell you how any of the materials used in our product would perform under any condition. I could tell you how a slight chemical change in a polymer could make it more durable in the heat or less brittle in Arctic conditions. What I did not know was how to manage all that money that was given to us to start our business. Being the technical arm of the business, I wanted it all to go into product development. My other friend has a vision for marketing. The third company principle was the artist who designed the ergonomics and look of our product. I admit that my version was blocky and utilitarian.

We needed a CFO and then a human resources manager. We suddenly had employees that I had no idea how to deal with. To me, everyone was a pal or a partner who looked at the product as sort of a child we were raising. Well, not every employee has the same level of commitment that I have. I wanted to keep some poor performers I liked, and I wanted to fire some people who disagreed with me. Fortunately, we had great HR people who taught me along the way too. I would have never known what to do without the help of our executive management recruiters.

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Starting a Business As Kids to Finance Entertainment Grows into Something Bigger Than They Thought

The kids started to get into recycling. They were asking the neighbors to save aluminum cans for them. Every week they would make their rounds with a toy wagon I added sides to in order to pick up cans. Sometimes they would have to make two trips. I converted a garden cart into a bigger wagon they could haul around. We do not have a recycling program through our refuse hauler in our town. The kids checked the scrap metal price per pound for aluminum cans after they crushed and saved about 1,800 pounds of them. They got to that weight rather quickly with all of the cans they collected.

Their goal was to be able to buy new bicycles and a gaming console they would earn by making their own money. We agreed to buy them games and accessories if they could pull it off. Well, their efforts yielded a lot of cans in a short period of time. The neighbors had no problem doing their part for recycling either. It's not like the people in towns that recycle aluminum get any of the profits back either. The kids expanded their collecting of scrap metal to include copper. They got bits of copper pipe and scrap pieces of wire. Some construction guys gave them some aluminum gutters and downspouts and a box of scraps of copper pipe from renovations on an apartment building in the neighborhood. We had to pick that stuff up in our van.

I can see how some people can make this into a business. Our kids were financing their own entertainment and putting money away into savings as well as giving back to the community through charitable donations of a percentage of their income. They were earning enough that we had to claim it on our taxes. The kids were learning business and financial responsibility at an age where their peers are still having everything handed to them.

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A Love Nest for Love Birds

My wife Jenny and I are the happiest newlyweds on the face of the Earth. We just got married two weeks ago in a lavish ceremony. We were surrounded by all of our friends and family. It was a joyous occasion. We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. It was fabulous. Today, we are preparing to move into I first place together as a married couple. We searched for 1 bedroom apartments in Hattiesburg MS. We found the perfect apartment. I cannot wait to move in with my beautiful wife.

Jenny and I met while we were in college. We were both film majors. We fell in love with her instantly. I knew that I wanted to make this woman to be my wife. We dated for four and a half years. I finally asked for her hand in marriage. I was nervous at first, but she said yes. I was on cloud nine.

We both graduated from college and decided to go to grad school. We did not want to live in the dorms again. It was okay for undergrad studies, but we both felt that we outgrew it. Jenny and I were adults and felt we did not need rules to control us. We wanted to come and go as we pleased and decorate our place as we pleased. We wanted our own place.

There was one problem to our dream. We were both broke college students. We were not struggling financially, but were far from wealthy. We saved as much money as we could. Jenny and I made small financial scarifies that allowed us to get our first place.

Our new apartment is amazing. I has the perfect bedroom and a beautiful kitchen. We do not plan on staying in this apartment forever, but this is a starting point for our long future together. I love my wife.

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Getting Close to Our Anniversary

My wife and I have been married for nearly ten years now, we got married right after we graduated from McGill in 2006. Of course I have to start thinking about planning a night out to celebrate. Of course Toronto is a big town and there are all sorts of things to do and places to go. The big thing is to figure out what you can afford to spend. For example hiring a toronto limo would be ideal, but not at any price. You definitely do not need to spring for one of those really enormous stretch limos, that is just totally excessive. They make those things big enough to carry a hockey team, but there is just the two of us. We could do just fine with a normal car, which a limo service would call a town car. It is still going to be pretty expensive, but they are the least expensive type of limo. Mostly you are talking about nothing more than a normal luxury car, but the driver is the big thing you get.

Obviously it is not a good idea to go out for a night of wine and dancing, then try to drive home. In fact I am sort of thinking that we may just spend the night at a nice hotel.That is not going to cost a lot more than a limousine would, probably it is going to cost us less. So I am thinking that we should find a nice restaurant and a nice hotel that are both within walking distance of one another. That seems like a better solution than just getting a car and a driver and paying to keep both all night long. I can not get a firm idea of what a limousine will cost for the night, but it is a lot.

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An Apartment Just for Me

When I found out my husband was cheating on me, I didn't get angry. I actually felt relieved to finally know, because I had suspected something for a while. He apologized, but I told him to talk with my lawyer. I wanted no part of a cheating man, including the house that he had lived in before we were married. I packed my bags and moved in with a friend for a few days. She lives at the Park at Boulder Creek apartments, and she offered to let me stay with her as long as I needed to, but I didn't want to impose.

I really appreciated her offer, but I knew that I had to get back on my own two feet. I did like her apartment a lot though, and I was happy when I found out that there were some openings. I actually found out by going online and looking at their website. I looked at the different apartments that were available. Even though it was just me, I really liked the two bedroom and two bathroom unit, which is what my friend has. I have a lot of family and friends, and i knew that I would not be alone very often.

I figured it would be better to either have a guest room for the times someone did stay over, and I really liked the idea of having two bathrooms for the same reason. The open floor plan is really nice too, and the rent was less than I expected it to be. There is a pool, fitness center, playground, and much more, but it was the apartment amenities that I liked best. A sprinkler system, a mostly private entry, a dishwasher and a large walk in closet are just a few of the appealing bits! It was easy to get situated in my own place, and I am finally enjoying life on my terms!

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The Mysterious and Beautiful South

With college finally behind me I am now free to focus on the rest of my life! It's been a long 18 years - 18 years of nothing but academics, schedules, tests and exams. We spend the vast majority of our early lives focusing on educating ourselves leaving little room for much of anything else in the process. For those of us who pursue a degree beyond even our bachelors, it means almost no time for the likes of a relationship. I've taken the first step toward true independent by finding apartments for rent in Dallas TX - a city that I have longed to make my home, at least for a time.

I have no doubt that I am going to do a lot of moving over the next five or so years. I want to be able to explore America, as well as many parts of the world, before I decide to settle down to make a single place my home! I have been living in three different states for most of my life - two because of my parent's divorce which lead me to have to bounce back and forth between them and the third for college. That's not a whole lot in the way of experience.

Dallas will remain my first choice regardless of my dreams to see a greater world. After Dallas I have plans to move to Baton Rouge or even New Orleans for a time - the south has always called to me as someone from the North. I cannot say what it is about the South which seems so deeply mysterious but it's part of the reason as to why I am so focused on seeing more of it! I hope that my stay in Dallas is everything I believe it will be!

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