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We Finally Moved into a Big Office Building

We finally got our office moved into a new building. We have expanded four times since I started this business with my wife a few years ago. In the beginning, it was just her and I doing everything. Then we had to start hiring employees to grow. We still show up for work every day, and we have a fine staff that really supports our business dream. We just signed a contract with a commercial cleaning services company too. They will be cleaning our offices every night after we close. We used to make time to do it ourselves. I used to be in suit pants and a dress shirt cleaning toilets and mopping floors with the rest of our employees before we went home.

It was necessary. My wife and I put the money into our people first, and they respond by being the best employees any company could ask for. We provide healthcare insurance at no cost, and we provide a living wage for every person on staff. It did not leave a lot left over for conveniences before. Now we are stable in our finances and steadily growing at a reasonable rate. We added the commercial cleaning services to free up time for us all to do our jobs even better. I may not have to mop floors, vacuum, dust, clean windows or scrub toilets at our offices anymore, but I certainly respect the people who do.

We will make sure the cleaning staff gets a holiday bonus from us. We do a top-notch job for our business, and we expect all of the vendors and support businesses we pay to also be the best they can be. This is one of the reasons we were very picky about the commercial cleaning services company that we hired to take care of our offices.

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Building Green Cities in Developing Nations

A couple of weeks ago I ran into a blog owned by a man named Ronald Chagoury who is involved in the development of a supposedly green city that is being built in Nigeria of all places. I think it is really promising that there are actually such projects out there, and I wonder who is funding the project. It got me to thinking though, when I was reading the blog, that it might be possible to figure out some sort of incentive for funding the development of more green cities in developing countries.

After all, countries that are currently developing are going to usually be in need of new cities. Well, if not new cities, then their current cities will be subject to expansion. Of course, you can just as easily accommodate population growth by building new cities, as you can by expanding ones that already exist. However, I think that in principle, it is much easier to design a city that is going to use extensive green technologies, as opposed to retrofitting an existing city to use such technology. I also think that the former scenario would be much more effective at limiting the carbon footprint of a city.

The main way that I believe that it is much easier to accomplish this by building new cities is that it allows you to much more carefully plan how the infrastructure of the city is going to be built. I have a lot of ideas for infrastructure that would be very green, but perhaps it is not viable yet. For example, most roads are black due to a common preference in building material, and black as a color absorbs light across the entire visible spectrum. As such, it might be possible to incorporate advanced solar cells into roads to generate electricity. It's just a thought, but I think it is an interesting one.

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An Outbreak at the Office

Near closing time at an office building where I work, some people on one of the floors became sick. They ran to the bathroom to vomit and no one knew what was going on. Rather than letting the janitor handle the cleanup for the workers made, they called in Charlotte Biohazard Services to take care of it. The boss thought something more sinister might have caused the workers to become sick than a simple bug, and felt that someone who is trained to deal with hazardous material would be better suited to get rid of the vomit. I was scared that some kind of viral outbreak was spreading through the building.

Until the cause of the sickness in the workers could be determined, the boss told everyone not to enter the building. I treated it as a vacation and took some time to do some leisure activities that I had been putting off because I was so busy with work. Days later, a lab report determined that the cause of the sickness was a rare super virus that the workers had contracted. I remember a couple of the workers had gone overseas for a vacation, but no one was sure if that was the cause of contraction.

Luckily the virus isn't deadly, except for in people who have particularly weak immune systems, such as the elderly and young babies. There isn't any real cure for the virus. The infected person simply has to let the virus run its course through the body and make sure they have plenty of fluids to drink. I haven't been sick to the point of vomiting in many years, and I wanted to make sure that my life stayed that way. I disinfected everything that I brought home from work and wiped down the interior of my car.

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