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Getting Started with Our Three-Man Corporation Required Help Hiring Executives

It is a chore to find the best people to fill the top positions in a company. Myself and two friends from college got going with a startup when we convinced one partner's dad and quite a few Internet investors to front us some money to get going. We had a great idea, but we were not business people to the degree we needed to be. Like many entrepreneurs, we were learning as we went. What I learned was that I know our product, but that I needed the help of executive management recruiters to fill key positions in our company.

I knew the tech behind our product. I could tell you how any of the materials used in our product would perform under any condition. I could tell you how a slight chemical change in a polymer could make it more durable in the heat or less brittle in Arctic conditions. What I did not know was how to manage all that money that was given to us to start our business. Being the technical arm of the business, I wanted it all to go into product development. My other friend has a vision for marketing. The third company principle was the artist who designed the ergonomics and look of our product. I admit that my version was blocky and utilitarian.

We needed a CFO and then a human resources manager. We suddenly had employees that I had no idea how to deal with. To me, everyone was a pal or a partner who looked at the product as sort of a child we were raising. Well, not every employee has the same level of commitment that I have. I wanted to keep some poor performers I liked, and I wanted to fire some people who disagreed with me. Fortunately, we had great HR people who taught me along the way too. I would have never known what to do without the help of our executive management recruiters.

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Starting a Business As Kids to Finance Entertainment Grows into Something Bigger Than They Thought

The kids started to get into recycling. They were asking the neighbors to save aluminum cans for them. Every week they would make their rounds with a toy wagon I added sides to in order to pick up cans. Sometimes they would have to make two trips. I converted a garden cart into a bigger wagon they could haul around. We do not have a recycling program through our refuse hauler in our town. The kids checked the scrap metal price per pound for aluminum cans after they crushed and saved about 1,800 pounds of them. They got to that weight rather quickly with all of the cans they collected.

Their goal was to be able to buy new bicycles and a gaming console they would earn by making their own money. We agreed to buy them games and accessories if they could pull it off. Well, their efforts yielded a lot of cans in a short period of time. The neighbors had no problem doing their part for recycling either. It's not like the people in towns that recycle aluminum get any of the profits back either. The kids expanded their collecting of scrap metal to include copper. They got bits of copper pipe and scrap pieces of wire. Some construction guys gave them some aluminum gutters and downspouts and a box of scraps of copper pipe from renovations on an apartment building in the neighborhood. We had to pick that stuff up in our van.

I can see how some people can make this into a business. Our kids were financing their own entertainment and putting money away into savings as well as giving back to the community through charitable donations of a percentage of their income. They were earning enough that we had to claim it on our taxes. The kids were learning business and financial responsibility at an age where their peers are still having everything handed to them.

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A Love Nest for Love Birds

My wife Jenny and I are the happiest newlyweds on the face of the Earth. We just got married two weeks ago in a lavish ceremony. We were surrounded by all of our friends and family. It was a joyous occasion. We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. It was fabulous. Today, we are preparing to move into I first place together as a married couple. We searched for 1 bedroom apartments in Hattiesburg MS. We found the perfect apartment. I cannot wait to move in with my beautiful wife.

Jenny and I met while we were in college. We were both film majors. We fell in love with her instantly. I knew that I wanted to make this woman to be my wife. We dated for four and a half years. I finally asked for her hand in marriage. I was nervous at first, but she said yes. I was on cloud nine.

We both graduated from college and decided to go to grad school. We did not want to live in the dorms again. It was okay for undergrad studies, but we both felt that we outgrew it. Jenny and I were adults and felt we did not need rules to control us. We wanted to come and go as we pleased and decorate our place as we pleased. We wanted our own place.

There was one problem to our dream. We were both broke college students. We were not struggling financially, but were far from wealthy. We saved as much money as we could. Jenny and I made small financial scarifies that allowed us to get our first place.

Our new apartment is amazing. I has the perfect bedroom and a beautiful kitchen. We do not plan on staying in this apartment forever, but this is a starting point for our long future together. I love my wife.

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