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Getting Close to Our Anniversary

My wife and I have been married for nearly ten years now, we got married right after we graduated from McGill in 2006. Of course I have to start thinking about planning a night out to celebrate. Of course Toronto is a big town and there are all sorts of things to do and places to go. The big thing is to figure out what you can afford to spend. For example hiring a toronto limo would be ideal, but not at any price. You definitely do not need to spring for one of those really enormous stretch limos, that is just totally excessive. They make those things big enough to carry a hockey team, but there is just the two of us. We could do just fine with a normal car, which a limo service would call a town car. It is still going to be pretty expensive, but they are the least expensive type of limo. Mostly you are talking about nothing more than a normal luxury car, but the driver is the big thing you get.

Obviously it is not a good idea to go out for a night of wine and dancing, then try to drive home. In fact I am sort of thinking that we may just spend the night at a nice hotel.That is not going to cost a lot more than a limousine would, probably it is going to cost us less. So I am thinking that we should find a nice restaurant and a nice hotel that are both within walking distance of one another. That seems like a better solution than just getting a car and a driver and paying to keep both all night long. I can not get a firm idea of what a limousine will cost for the night, but it is a lot.

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