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An Apartment Just for Me

When I found out my husband was cheating on me, I didn't get angry. I actually felt relieved to finally know, because I had suspected something for a while. He apologized, but I told him to talk with my lawyer. I wanted no part of a cheating man, including the house that he had lived in before we were married. I packed my bags and moved in with a friend for a few days. She lives at the Park at Boulder Creek apartments, and she offered to let me stay with her as long as I needed to, but I didn't want to impose.

I really appreciated her offer, but I knew that I had to get back on my own two feet. I did like her apartment a lot though, and I was happy when I found out that there were some openings. I actually found out by going online and looking at their website. I looked at the different apartments that were available. Even though it was just me, I really liked the two bedroom and two bathroom unit, which is what my friend has. I have a lot of family and friends, and i knew that I would not be alone very often.

I figured it would be better to either have a guest room for the times someone did stay over, and I really liked the idea of having two bathrooms for the same reason. The open floor plan is really nice too, and the rent was less than I expected it to be. There is a pool, fitness center, playground, and much more, but it was the apartment amenities that I liked best. A sprinkler system, a mostly private entry, a dishwasher and a large walk in closet are just a few of the appealing bits! It was easy to get situated in my own place, and I am finally enjoying life on my terms!

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